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Every economic activity that happens between production and consumption of products and goods is trade. Production, sales, freight and receivables management are individual aspects of which every single one is legally peculiar. All aspects require a specific know-how that we can offer you. Because our lawyers know which way the wind blows, not only legally but also commercially.


Products and goods from Germany have an excellent reputation worldwide. The production site Germany can also be a stumbling block, however, so shifting the entire or parts of the production abroad can be a sensible move.


Sensible but costly, especially outside of the EU. Because production is legally multi-layered in any case: concerning company law and labour law, with respect to purchasing and storage of raw materials or product components. That is also true for the acquisition of facilities, leasing or purchase of plots or use of intellectual property. In any case – we will take care that everything runs properly.


No two sales are the same. Own distribution channels or sales using external partners. There are many ways to organise and arrange sales. Employment and commercial law, contract law, company law, competition law and PI law. All these things can be relevant, all of this makes sales a complex matter. Complex without involving other countries, even more complex with the involvement of them.


Careful exploring of arrangement options, realistic assessments of (liability) risks, clarification of tax questions and a sound drafting of contracts are essential in what we will do for you.

Transportation / Freight

By land, by sea and by air. The transport of goods often involves many players in a commonly border-crossing setting. Who has which obligations, who has which rights and claims, which legal basis exists – often this is not easily understood. International agreements, national laws and regulations, model terms of different associations, inconsistent general terms and conditions make this a jungle of provisions. Contract and liability law also have many pitfalls in transportation.


To influence this as far as possible, to have reliable contract regulations, tailored to one’s own reality, provides security – also when it comes to cases of liability. We will help you to achieve this. And we are there for you when the horse has already bolted.

Receivables management

Outstanding debts are as much a nuisance in trade as anywhere else. A nuisance that can turn into an economically threatening scenario when the outstanding debts are high or many. For these situations, solutions and standardised (legal) procedures have to be developed in the company – ideally preventive ones. Or in individual cases, it needs to be decided fast what to do. And all of this with appropriate consideration of the business and contractual relationships.


We will support you with this. And, of course, also with claims that have to be enforced efficiently out of court or in court.


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