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Real estate, companies, business successions and trusts: A notary is often indispensable when these issues come up. Then our notaries do more for you than reading certificates out loud. Our notaries take care of arranging solutions that fit like a glove. Correctly and reliably, no question, but also short-term and creatively. And exactly that makes the difference. And if you need a notarisation or certificate, we will also take care of that.

Real estate

No real estate changes its owner without a notary. However, no two contracts are the same for a notary as well – even though some people seem to assume this. No two real estate purchases resemble one another, no two gifts are the same.


For that reason, our notaries do not just open a drawer and pull out a contract template. As with everything else, we put emphasis on individual advice and arrangements for real estate business transactions as well. Advice and arrangements that meet your requirements and claims – and in doing so also meet the high standards we apply to our work.


When founding a partnership, you will not always need a notary. Only if you want to launch a corporation – either as new company or out of an existing (joint) partnership – a notary is required. That is what the law says.


To consider seeing a notary as a simple compulsory legal form does not grasp the essence of it. Notaries are not only “attesters” but also advisers. Advisers concerning basic reasoning but also when it comes to details of company law. This is how we see it. And this is how we will work for you.


Succession plans are an issue both in private and in business. An issue that does not necessarily require the involvement of a notary – in particular in the private sphere. But the law makes exceptions here as well, e. g. when it comes to contracts of inheritance. And if succession plans interfere with (company agreements of) corporations, seeing a notary is required.


A notary is not just putting a signature and a seal under ready-made solutions: Our notaries are – as all notaries – advisers. Advisers that develop succession solutions that will suit your situation.


Notaries are even more. They are fiduciaries (or trustees) and, in certain cases, they can keep the assets of third parties safe. That might be in the form of funds to avert potential advance work risks with big transactions, for example. Other assets can be entrusted to notaries for safekeeping as well. This can be important for the proof of priority but also when it comes to the source code of software.


The safekeeping is both transparent and safe: On the merits, it is regulated by law – details are agreed on between the client and the notary. So, the notarial fiduciary is not only reliable but also has a personal touch. Please contact us in this matter.




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