You are looking for a business law firm but you want more? More specific competence, more flexibility, more speed, more personal commitment – and perhaps a bit more farsightedness?

No problem. Because we know what you are talking about and what this means for you. We know how we can really help you. And we are there for you personally, not only when there is trouble. And we are not just saying that.

What makes us “us”? Assertiveness, if required, and routine in lawsuits of any size.

Real estate

From planning and execution of construction work via acquisition, sale and financing of real estate projects to operating of real estate used for commercial purposes: We are your contact for legal issues concerning real estate.


Individual labour law, collective labour law and church labour law – that is where we have been at home for years. We can support you successfully when it comes to employment or termination agreements, for instance, or to restructuring or questions concerning the works constitution.


Companies are complex, inwardly and outwardly. We will take care that your company is ideally positioned legally. From founding via management, restructuring and sales to disputes among associates or partners. And when claims have to be enforced.


The health sector imposes specific requirements on legal advice. We know what the legal side is about and how this sector works. Therefore, we are your contact when it comes to cooperations or expansions, to acquisitions or sales of surgeries or to the “full package” for hospitals, for instance.


Trade has many aspects both in wholesales and in retailing. Sales, questions of production and transport. And last but not least, receivables management. We have the right lawyer for you on board in all of these fields. With experience and, of course, with the necessary know-how.


The issue liability quickly involves high amounts. Reliable legal analyses, assessments of lawsuit risks, tactical negotiating skills and assertiveness are factors that make the difference then. This is what we offer you when you need us.


Succession and legacy arrangements are essential for entrepreneurs of any age. A legacy that is not arranged for often results in disputes, a succession unregulated in economic risks. That is why we will sit down with you and regulate things. In a timely manner.

Notary's office

We are there for you not only as lawyers. You will also find a notary’s office in our law firm and it deals primarily with the issues real estate, partnerships, successions and trusts. When it comes to recording, certification etc. you are also right here.



If you know all chances and risks in a legal situation, you can make decisions based on these. Entrepreneurial or very personal decisions.

We will analyse and assess your situation and your means of action so that you can make your decisions: to avoid problems or to find suitable solutions for you. We have the right advisers with the necessary know-how and farsightedness.



When decisions were made, the real work often begins: Decisions need a (legal) form, solutions need to hold water.

We will design concepts with you, so that ideas can take shape. We will negotiate contracts as a solid base for your success. And all of this with a lawyer or notary by your side who is in the know of what you need legally and in terms of content.



Advising and arranging is not always the answer to everything. Claims often have to be enforced or warded off, rights have to be defended effectively.

That is also something we will do for you and represent your interests: out of court, in court and before arbitration and conciliation boards. With experience, assertiveness and routine in lawsuits – in legal proceedings of any size. Throughout Germany.



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