Why are we the right law firm for you?

We are on fire for what we do. We are lawyers out of conviction. And even a bit more than that. Because specialist knowledge is one thing but not everything. We think outside the box. We include economic aspects in our legal solutions. We solve problems and make ideas feasible because we know what this is all about for you. Not only legally.

We are not a large law firm but we are big enough. No legions of lawyers are working for myriads of clients here. We do it the personal way. We are advisers and companions with a face and a profile. That is how we are there for you. As a personal contact, as negotiators and framers. As long-winded disputants with assertiveness. As the devil’s advocates who ask the right questions at the right time to initiate ideas for new solutions. Sometimes even as the agony column.

We live our profession here and now without an unnecessary distance between lawyer and client. We do not preach from the high horse. We have a sympathetic ear and are available for you. Whoever wants to reach us, will reach us personally. We take you seriously but are not too full of ourselves. We make ourselves clear if necessary but we do not adopt the wrong tone. If we promise you something, you can count on that.

We know what we are able to do. And we are good at it.

And why do we work the way we do?

To please you with our work. And to please ourselves, too.


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Ambulatory healthcare centers

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