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For architects, banks, real estate developers and building contractors, for investors, estate agents or companies administering commercial real estate: We are your specialist contact for legal issues concerning real estate. From the first draft to letting and administration. On a big scale or on a small scale. From A to Z. And with attention to details without losing sight of the big picture.


Planning is the first step in the life cycle of real estate. At the same time, it lays the foundations of the project, no matter which size. The course is set at the beginning of the real estate project as well: Good contracts minimise risks, provide security and co-determine economic success.


The investment in legal advice during the planning stage will pay off, no matter which role you are playing. Advice, ideally with technical understanding, long-standing experience with projects of any size and seeing the big picture. This is exactly what you can expect from us.


Real estate financing is a multi-layered endeavour – whether financing as an own-occupier or investor, as a private person or a private enterprise or in a public-private partnership.


We will take your perspective and not lose sight of your counterpart. We will find solutions which meet your expectations and requirements. Solutions without unpleasant surprises for you. Classic solutions or solutions you might not think of at first. Because we also consider it our task to think outside the box.


The execution of construction work poses challenges for all parties involved. Challenges for which people can be responsible. People who should be named and made responsible. Or unforeseeable challenges for which nobody can be held responsible.


You have to handle it – either way. We will support you right there, to achieve your goals: We will check and negotiate, we will dispute and plead your cause. Depending on your situation, we will find the appropriate (re-)action for you to win your case or to be proved right.

Sales and acquisitions

Whether development area, building land, entire buildings or units of a real estate. Whether brand new, some years old or an authentic old building: The sale or acquisition of real estate can be tricky and often entails some economic risk. The same is true for the corresponding set of agreements.


To know the legal or economic risks and to assess them is our first step in these situations. The next steps we would like to take with you are making decisions, aligning our actions and drawing up the contracts accordingly.


Commercial leases, residential leases, leaseholds. Short-term letting, long-term letting or long-term leasing and the corresponding contracts. Buildings and areas can be used in many different ways. As manifold as the opportunities for use, as manifold are the possibilities and limits of the usability. And what is more, local factors often play a role.


Utilization concepts have to be put to the test legally from the start. That is what we will do for you. And then some more. Because even if there is some trouble along the road, we know what to do.

Facility management

No matter what it is called – facility management, property management or site supervision. The professional administration and management of real estate has many faces – de facto and legally. The increasing mechanisation and digitalisation do not reduce these in number.


If operationally or strategically: Different tasks and functions – in general or in individual cases – affect many law sectors. In addition, owner, user and service interests have to be reconciled strategically, economically and legally. That is exactly what we will take care of. And we will be there for you if you are caught in the middle.


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