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Inheritance law

No two successions are the same. The legacy should be arranged according to everyone’s own concept. Is a succession plan missing, in case of death or a temporary absence of decision-makers, a company can be completely paralysed. There is a need for regulation in this field. And, of course, the sale or transfer of a company should be arranged professionally.

We will sit down with you and regulate things. In time, reliably and with just the right dose of creativity.

Business succession

People in responsible positions in companies have to give some thought to succession, no question. That does not only concern succession in case of death. Provisions for sudden absences due to serious diseases or accidents have to be considered.


However, the regular, planned transfer or sale or acquisition of a company or of company shares is also concerned, of course. Whether well-established or start-up company: The right point in time is important and keeping an eye on all legal and economic aspects. And to arrange all this ideally. We will help you to achieve this.


To provide an arrangement for the legacy according to one’s own concept creates security. Security for oneself, security for heirs or the own company. The security to know that certain assets will pass into the possession of certain people and the security to minimise friction among heirs. Or the security to know that the assets will benefit family members or a good cause. To give you this security, we will find suitable solutions.


Lifetime gifts have enormous importance, especially for big assets. To skilfully transfer parts of the assets to future heirs during one’s lifetime can disburden heirs tremendously. Ill-considered gifts, however, bear risks. Such as transferring the own home without wanting a change in the housing situation but without making provisions about this.


Advantages of future heirs should not come at massive costs of the giver. To find regulations to balance these interests will then be our task.



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