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Individual labour law, collective bargaining law and the works constitution act, employment law and church labour law. We are at home in all labour legislation. In general and in particular, we offer advice, accompany and represent you. And, of course, we will check, draw up and negotiate, if required, exactly the agreements you need.

Employment / termination agreements

Whether as a template for numerous employment relationships or tailored to the individual case. Whether employment or termination agreement. Whether at the beginning, the end or in the course of the employment relationship. Whether employer or senior staff, whether board member or managing director. All parties involved should emphasise in every situation that the contracts are beneficially drafted for their specific use in the employment relationship.


You will find specialists for every situation concerning employment relationships and the termination of these – including amicable settlements.


Economic change often results in entrepreneurial change. Change that can push employers to the limits of their managerial authority when restructuring takes place. Because entrepreneurial decisions often demand changes in personnel – in individual cases or on a large scale.


A structural reorganisation should be coordinated with measures pertaining to labour law at an early point in time. Transfers and redundancies on a small scale. Negotiations with the works council and the trade union, a transfer of employment relationships or the arrangement and implementation of end-of-contract gratuities and early retirement when many are involved. We will accompany you strategically in all cases – and find solutions for you.

Employment law

If social law meets employment law, that plays a big role in the company. For instance, when additional contribution claims are made. This can become an issue for pseudo self-employed people, for managing directors, associates or partners as well as for members of occupational pension schemes. Therefore, risks have to be recognised and compliant procedures have to be developed. And, of course, acting in time is essential, preferably before conflicts arise. We will take care of this for you, also concerning questions about the employment of severely disabled people, about exemptions from the compulsory statutory insurance or about the artists’ social insurance.


We will clarify the options of reclaiming payments or liability issues – internally or externally. And we will enforce claims or ward them off, self-evidently.

Collective bargaining law

Employers are often facing issues of collective bargaining: When there are consultations and negotiations of company agreements or a connection with contemporary collectively agreed wage and salary systems. When a change or the end of the collective agreement is concerned or when leaving an association. Or when a labour dispute is looming or the employer is confronted with strike actions.


We will answer your questions, arrange and negotiate for you.

Works constitutions

Worker participation is a part of procedures pertaining to labour law on a large scale and concerning measures on a small scale. There are many sides to worker participation and they have different influences on the entrepreneurial freedom of action.


However, it also offers options for arrangements: Room for company agreements which actively arrange the work such as work scheduling or time recording. And it is the base for agreements which can form a reconciliation of interests and disadvantages, for instance, when restructuring takes place.


Opportunities and limits, chances and risks of regulations of the works constitution act have to be known in order to efficiently align entrepreneurial actions. We like assisting you – with single staff-related measures or concerning the large scale.

Church labour law

If an institution of the Christian social service or the church itself is the employer, this has an impact on the labour law. Special rights of the church do not only apply to remuneration similar to collective bargaining, to labour disputes or worker participation – but also to everything concerning employment agreements and their termination.


We know these peculiarities. And we have experience in the legal treatment of these peculiarities – for your advantage.


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