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Reliable analyses, correct assessments of liability and process risks, experience, tactical negotiation skills and assertiveness are things that are especially important for cases of liability. You can trust in our advice and in the fact that we will do the right things for you. To enforce your claims, to ward off claims against you or to satisfy them – entirely depending on the situation.

Rail traffic

When it comes to liability and rail traffic, a lot of money is fast at stake for railway undertakings (RU) and railway infrastructure companies – whether claims are to be warded off or asserted.


And still there are only a few law firms in Germany who know what these cases are all about – out of court and in court. We have been among them for years.

Real estate

Real estate has to be safe – for everyone who comes in contact with it. So safe that no damages occur. Liability issues will arise. This is true for “ordinary” real estate but particularly for infrastructure and industrial facilities.


That is the reason why the standards of liability and the legal duty to maintain safety should be known and liability risks minimized. We will support you to achieve this safety. And if a case of liability occurs, we will take care of it – actively and passively.

Insurance companies

Insurance companies play an enormously important role in connection with liability, in particular when big damages occur. With big damages, much is often at stake for insurance companies.


Not every case is an insurance case, however, not every asserted claim is justified. That is when even insurance companies need external legal support. From lawyers who know what to do. And what not to do. This is the support you will get from us.


When people are affected by a liability case, social insurance agencies or social benefits provider can seek recourse, even though not for themselves. If the claim is justified, of course, remains to be seen in every individual case.


To ward off such claims effectively is an art in itself – an art that not many lawyers know inside out. We do. We know what this is about and how to achieve it.

Entities and associates or partners

Managing directors, board members, supervisory board members: They are often eyed suspiciously by the public. A good pay and effective publicity of high gratuities see to that. What is often swept under the carpet: Consolidated tax groups are indeed connected with liability risks. With partially severe liability risks that can also affect the private spheres of life.


If this concerns piercing the corporate veil, personal liability risks do not only affect entities but also shareholders of corporations.


If liability issues arise in these cases, there will be a need for a lawyer. There might be much or very much at stake, not only money. That is when you can count on us.


If something goes not according to plan in legal advice, calls for liability are quickly heard – some justified, some unjustified. Because not every undesired outcome is a mistake, not every real mistake causes financial damages.


To clarify these things is our task. For one side or the other. The advantage for you: We know both sides. That helps us to help you to obtain justice – no matter if lawyer, notary or client.


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