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The health sector imposes specific requirements on legal advice. We know from experience how this sector works and offer you legal support tailored exactly to your needs as a healthcare provider – no matter if a hospital, doctor or community health centre. No matter if advising, arranging or disputing, self-evidently.

Full service for hospitals

ARequirements imposed on legal advice of hospitals are high – with good reason. Very diverse fields are relevant, the most diverse legal skills are necessary. The legal and the economic part have to match. At the same time, not only legal and economic aspects play a role, in particular in hospitals of church institutions. Therefore, to advise hospitals means to advise lifelike.


This is exactly what we do and we are convinced that only (comprehensive) advice from a single source will meet the justified high requirements of hospital providers. For that reason, we offer a truly full service for hospitals.

Cooperations & expansions

There are many different types of cooperation in the medical field. Not to say very many. To find the proper type of cooperation is a strategic question. The ideal implementation is a question of good (legal) advice – no matter if cooperations among doctors or between doctors and hospitals are concerned or if a community health centre expands.


So, we will support you when it comes to cooperations or expansions in the healthcare sector. However, we do not only take care of the “right” contracts. You do not have to explain what liability means either. Because we also know what this is all about.

Sale or acquisition of a surgery

Relocation, a new career or retirement. There are many reasons to sell or buy a surgery. Every situation and constellation is individual – starting with pricing and with drafting of the contract and continuing with the process of withdrawal.


To create transparency, control and safety in every respect and to take care of a possibly smooth transition phase is our task then. We will do anything we can to ensure this, if single surgery or group practice. Because there is much at stake for you: legally, financially and, of course, personally.



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